Lust auf Pörtschach Wörthersee

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Spend your holiday in a place where Lake Wörth is most enchanting: in Pörtschach. This popular lakeside resort impresses with numerous sporting, entertaining and relaxing holiday offers!

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Wörth, Pörtschach already charms its visitors with its exceptional climate. There, where the lake offers its most beautiful spot, lies a small peninsula which is framed to its left and right by the popular seaside resort of Pörtschach. Romantic villas and summer houses witness and mark an alluring spot where artists such as Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms used to once spend their holidays.


Events in Pörtschach on Lake Wörth

A holiday where the music plays: Pörtschach is the venue for many events and concerts, for example, of the Fête Blanche or the World Bodypainting Festival. Pörtschach was the favourite resort and recreational destination of the composer Johannes Brahms. For this reason the international Johannes Brahms Competition is held here every year. Another social event of a special kind is the annual Fête Leon at the castle Hotel Schloss Leonstain. For more exciting events and concerts visit the Pörtschach event calender.


Sports activities in Pörtschach on Lake Wörth

Sailing, surfing, horseback riding, fishing or would you prefer water skiing? When on holiday in Pörtschach (Carinthia) you will find numerous opportunities to stay active! Above all, tennis and golf are among the most popular activities. Only the Lust auf Pörtschach hotels offer up to 30% green fee discounts on all 11 golf courses in the region. Hikers and cyclists also greatly enjoy their vacation in Pörtschach. All around Lake Wörth there are numerous bicycle and hiking trails in excellent condition. Find out more about the hiking and biking opportunities of the Lust auf Pörtschach Hotels on Lake Wörth! Alternatively enrich your holiday by taking a day trip across the border to Italy or Slovenia. Thanks to its southern location Pörtschach is a good starting point for various destinations.


Discover the many opportunities that a holiday in Pörtschach on Lake Wörth can offer! Book your holiday in one of the ten Lust auf Pörtschach Hotels!